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Bruce Dunlap is a native of Rochester, Minnesota, always an enthusiastic dreamer, the kid who saw beyond the moment.


He studied art at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and took advantage of their Junior Year Abroad Program to study in Holland for a year he extended that stay to thirty years after graduation, to live, work and study there with other artists and teachers.


Bruce works primarily with acrylic paint, but has an ongoing love of printmaking as well. His style is playful and his works mark him as an astute observer of our world. In recent years he has depicted scenes from his childhood with the nostalgia of middle age.  His work contains a sort of whimsical realism view of the past from the present.


His colors are bright and the canvases are filled with scenes of drive-ins, old pickups, tractors, trains and memories of a kid growing up in the Midwest as well as funky architecture and chickens.


Bruce now lives and works in his studio in rural Wisconsin with his wife Linda.

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